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Short Breaks

Enjoy the luxury of one of Fursdon's stylish apartments or the Cottage for a short break.

Relax and unwind in the beautiful countryside of Mid Devon where nature is on your doorstep but only a short trip into the vibrant city of Exeter.

Long weekends.

Travel to Devon to start your weekend before the roads are too busy and leave after everyone is back at their desks on Monday morning. You can arrive from 2pm on Friday and you won't need to leave until 10am on Monday. 

Or mid-week breaks.

Sneak away while everyone is going off to work on Monday and arrive home, chilled out on Friday afternoon, ready for the weekend at home. At quieter times of the year there are often special offers.

Whether you want a long weekend or an escape when everyone else is at work we can accommodate you at most times of the year. Fursdon is the perfect place to get away. 

If you are travelling singly or as a couple ask us about our Just for Two offers.